Prismatic art is a kinetic, ever-changing light painting.  Crystal Lumière’s™ custom lamps direct light through genuine Swarovski Elements® crystal prisms, strung on thin, clear filament, which appear to be suspended in mid-air.  Movement is generated by natural airflow or special effects equipment. The light reflects and refracts on and through the crystals, resulting in a vivid kaleidoscope of living color and movement; a rhythmic play of ephemeral light, shadow and color that constantly shifts, evolves and changes to create an organic experience. 

Prismatic art installations can be set up anywhere you want to create a unique atmosphere: residences, retail or public spaces, restaurants, clubs, spas, healing environments, special events and much more.

Studies have shown that light and color affect our physiology, our feelings, even our behavior.  Light and color have proven beneficial biological and psychological effects on all living things and profoundly impact our lives, our health and our emotional well-being each day. Every color in the spectrum elicits its own unique emotional response.

Prismatic art is a celebration of the transformative qualities of light and color. This interactive art is a form of energy. As we know, people have a magnetic attraction to light, and light serves as a natural force that heals and nourishes our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. When we experience a Crystal Lumière™ Prismatic Art installation we are transported into an inner experience of wholeness, oneness and wonder.

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