Crystal Lumière™ Prismatic Art must be not only seen but experienced to be truly understood.  It is a new art form unlike any other.  Once installed, the resulting display of moving, shifting, evolving color and light transforms any environment into something truly unique.

Words can’t begin to describe the transformation of space into motion and feeling … you need to see it to believe it.  To complement your installation, feel free to add music to further enhance the ambiance, taking it into an entirely new dimension.  Our videos capture the visual magic that can be created through our kits when enhanced with the music of your choice.

Whatever the environment, you’ll find ideas to transform it using a Crystal Lumiere™ Prismatic Art Installation Kit. See how it can be used to create amazing effects and immediately transform any atmosphere …the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.  


Transform any space into an exciting, ever-changing kaleidoscope of light, color and energy that captures the viewer and draws them in, immersing them in a fluid, magical world where the lights, colors and sounds enhance their every experience.


Turn your home or office into a place that relaxes, refreshes and renews, delighting all who enter.  Professionals use Crystal Lumière™ to introduce an unexpected design element and enhance their clients’ lives and well-being.


Create an atmosphere of instant healing … a place of calm, peace and reflection using the constant flow of soothing, shifting colors and light.  The light painting you create is the perfect enhancement for any place centered on relaxation or renewal of body, mind and spirit.  Guests are drawn in and transported from the moment they view your creation.

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