The magic of refractory light bouncing off prisms of crystals that titillates  the sensory experience- This is the visual dimension which captivates one when viewing Gail R Mitchell's Crystal Lumière™, (Crystal Illumination Art™) a new fantastic concept in lighting and art.  Ms. Mitchell, who also creates unique ceramics, has  spent the past years perfecting the concept of Crystal Lumière™ (Crystal Illumination Art™): suspended prisms of crystals that rotate in space to create a colorful, aesthetically pleasing, kaleidoscopic effect. The result is a rich, visually soothing experience, unlike any other, one which transcends ordinary lighting.

Ms Mitchell through her artistic gifts, has elevated Crystal Lumière™ to high art- enveloping the viewer with a soothing, healing, magical quality, that transports us to a world of beauty, peace and tranquility. She affords us these much needed qualities to counteract the stress and anxiety of our unsettled post modern-age.

H. Lloyd Weston
Artist - Author

“Crystal Lumière™'s Prismatic Art Installation Kit is an exciting new resource for Feng Shui practioners looking for unique cures to lift stagnant energy within a home or spa/healing business and to turn it into joyous or soothing ch'i. The vibrations of the dancing crystals infused with colored lights of pink, turquoise, lavender, or gold will transform not only the space, but also uplift the spirits of all who live or work in them.

Gail MItchell's Crystal Lumiere Art is as magical to behold as it is healing to one's soul. What a blessing!

Sheila Warnock, N.Y.C. – Feng Shui Consultant & President/Founder of “Share the Care”

A cascade of sublime colors that are constantly changing and transforming penetrated our senses. Gail Mitchell's magical Crystal Illumination Art™ is at once a spiritual experience. It invited us to reflect, ponder, appreciate and slow down. Since we are New Yorkers, this is a somewhat unique state of being. The swirl of colors appealed to our aesthetic senses and gave us energy and strength. We appreciated the resplendent beauty of the shimmering colors and the rhythmical flow which was conducive to eliciting a feeling of harmony. The crystals have the character of a group of instruments which provide nourishment to the soul. We encourage you to see and experience them for yourself.

Judith and Howard Gordon,
New York City

"Gail Mitchell's Crystal Lumière heals through the power of light and beauty. I was so taken by her presentation, that I instantly wished that I could wake up daily, surrounded by her prismatic art installations. I believe Crystal Lumière enhances environments with healing, and instantly transform their vibrations, by illuminating them with simple, yet playful elegance."

Samuel Jakob Kirschner
Presenter of Artists of Living at Calming Your World
Counselor & Group facilitator at Friends In Deed

"..... Shortly, Gail started tinkering on a new hobby and in less than a year created hundreds of ceramic pieces and installing exhibitions and shows in her trendy apartment in Chelsea. I own 3 pieces of her original hand works. It was explosive and a rave.

As demand for her artwork grew, Gail's desire to become an excellent ceramic artist was insatiable. She moved to San Miguel to give in to her true calling. I moved to California and later received an invitation to view her new installations. Instead of bowls, vases and vessels, I saw lots of lights, crystals and colors that illuminate your heart, your senses. A true magician and a born artiste. Gail Mitchell is now a pioneer and expert in Crystal Lumière. Her installations are breathless. What makes a difference is Gail creates healing art and not product. Did I mention she is a good listener and has a huge, warm heart."

Rosalia Aquino
Controller and CFO at California Nurses Association
Board trustee at Housing+Solutions
San Francisco, Ca.

Gail Mitchell's work is at once a spiritual experience; inviting you in to reflect, ponder, appreciate and slow down. A swirl of sublime colors that are constantly changing and transforming. I encourage you to see and experience them for yourself!…

Joseph Bennett
Artist, Designer
San Miguel de Allende Mexico

At first I did not know what to expect. When I first began to see the effects of the lights and the crystals I found them very beautiful, but then I felt very much at peace.I think it is a great way for people to be able to relax and find inner peace within themselves . I hope you have great success.

Roberto von Lichtenberg M.D.

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