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Crystal Lumière instantly transforms any environment into a magical place that can sooth, exhilarate, entertain, excite … the possibilities are limitless. These are the extraordinary effects of Crystal Lumière Prismatic Art and why it is perfect for transforming many different spaces and creating varied atmospheres, such as:
  • Aesthetically pleasing accent for interior decorators, Feng Shui practitioners and homeowners seeking innovative new ways to beautify and enhance the atmosphere of their living space, in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, the nursery.[Click to view]
  • A spellbinding ambience for restaurants, nightclubs, lounges and other arts/ entertainment venues.[Click to view]
  • A peaceful, serene & healing aura for day spas, yoga/meditation studios, hospital/physician waiting rooms and other health and wellness spaces. [Click to view]
  • A one-of-a-kind addition to enhance any environment or special event, including an opening, commemoration, wedding, theatrical production – the ideas are limitless. Contact us to commission a custom Prismatic Art installation designed to fit any scale. [Click to view]

Crystal Lumiere uses genuine Swarovski crystals and the transformative qualities of light and movement to create visual magic. It is kinetic, prismatic art that defies description and must be experienced to be truly understood. The concept was created by artist Gail R. Mitchell, who after years of working with crystals as a form of alternative healing discovered and then experimented with the play of light on differing crystals to create unique prismatic art installations.

A whirlwind of positive energy, Gail has now found a way to effectively offer do-it-yourself art installation kits that allow anyone to channel light through Aurora Borealis crystals to create a new atmospheric art form that enchants, entertains and enhances any environment.

Each art installation kit contains everything you need to create your own Crystal Lumière Prismatic Art installation, including:

  • Seven unique, multi-faceted genuine Aurora Borealis 60mm octagon lead* crystals by the renowned Swarovski Elements ®, a trademark of Swarovski AG, Austria that utilize the transformative qualities of light and movement to create visual magic
  • Seven sterling silver bails custom designed by International artist Pepe Cerroblanco of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
  • A custom-made lamp with specialized bulbs designed exclusively for use with Crystal Lumière Prismatic Art along with all hardware for installation
  • Nine mounting hooks and the fine filaments required to suspend the crystals
  • Three designer color optical glass lenses that enable you to select a color that matches the décor, the moment or your mood
  • Simple assembly instructions
  • DVD showcasing examples of finished installations, plus a custom slide show with specific ideas for Prismatic Art placement
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